Lets Play Mario Kart 8 – Part 1

The first part by Forrest Dworsky takes us through Mushroom Cup 100cc. A true voice for radio.


Super Mario Land Video Walkthrough & Guide

For the first time on a portable console – classic Mario platforming, this was of course the ground-breaking Super Mario Land for the Gameboy back in 1989/1990.

Benni from SLB has done a nice guide & accompanying video walkthrough showing the game from start to finish, and it even includes the ending credits and ending.

Check out his guide at http://www.superluigibros.com/super-mario-land-guide-and-walkthrough

Discover the second bonus world of Super Mario 3D World

After we defeated the fairly difficult World Star in the last part of our green star guide, we ventured to the second bonus world of the epic Mario platformer “World Mushroom” – this world is made up of levels from previous worlds with new twists.

Extra enemies, night time modes, and speed runs! There are no stamps in this world, fortunately! Hope you like our video.

Super Mario 3D World… they think its all over… it isn’t.

So we kicked ten bells out of Feline-Reptile Bowser and sent him flying off the Donkey Kong esque tower… game over, we did it! The quest is over!

Then you log back in and find Sprixies waiting to build you a rocket to World Star. Heres our all green stamps, all stars guide to World star including the unlocking of Rosalina.