All about The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon


Follow the link for everything you need to know (and a great deal you probably don’t need to know) about the Super Mario Bros Cartoon at the Super Luigi Bros Mario & Luigi Mega Fansite – their section includes general info, an episode list, with a guide for each episode, bloopers and trivia (my god there was a lot of bloopers)

Ref the Bloopers, a quote from our YouTube channel:-

Whats the most dangerous game a person can play?….the drinking game by Taking a sip whenever you see an animation error in the mario shows. God, I’d die after 1 minute.”

On that enlightening note, enjoy 😉


This weeks retro Mario feature

This weeks retro Mario feature

This weeks little bit of #retro #mario is from #Nintendo Power magazine in Sept 1988. It continues from last weeks Super Mario Bros 2 feature.

Full feature at

Mario Teaches Typing 2 – 3D Mario Head Talking – 50 scenes!

Hey guys, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff about modern upcoming Mario games, and guides to SM3DWorld lately so thought I’d do a bit of an oldschool post.

Check out these 50 harrowing, disturbing scenes of Mario at his most demented in Interplays 1997 hit, Mario Teaches Typing 2.

You can find more information about Mario teaches typing 2 at my site:

Super Mario Bros 3 Cartoon (and to a lesser extent, the game) Back Story

So I have two posts for you today, one retro and one brand new (to follow)

Ever wondered what led up to the events of SMB3? Well, wonder no more.

You can watch the full series of the SMB3 TV Show at