All about The Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon


Follow the link for everything you need to know (and a great deal you probably don’t need to know) about the Super Mario Bros Cartoon at the Super Luigi Bros Mario & Luigi Mega Fansite – their section includes general info, an episode list, with a guide for each episode, bloopers and trivia (my god there was a lot of bloopers)

Ref the Bloopers, a quote from our YouTube channel:-

Whats the most dangerous game a person can play?….the drinking game by Taking a sip whenever you see an animation error in the mario shows. God, I’d die after 1 minute.”

On that enlightening note, enjoy 😉


Did you know about Mario?

– Mario was originally the bad guy. The atrocities committed against Donkey Kong and his family in the 80’s will not soon be forgotten.
– Mario was originally called Jump Man
– Mario was a plumber not a carpenter
Mario was named after Nintendo’s landlord Mario Segali
– Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto
– Mario wears a cap because Shigeru Miyamoto found it difficult to show hair with the graphic capabilities of systems in the 80’s
– The man who has voiced Mario in Cartoons and Games more than anyone else is Charles Martinet
– The Super Mario Bros is not only Nintendo‘s most successful franchise but probably the most famous videogame character of all time.- in a survey in America in the mid 90’s he was actually more recognisable to children than Mickey Mouse!
– In the Super Mario Bros Super Show the actors who do the live action sketches real names are Lou Albano who was actually a wrestler (as Mario) and Danny Wells as Luigi.